Second Doctor Fashion Fem ~


For my sixteenth birthday my mom surprised me with a Doctor Who party and even rocked a cosplay of the eleventh doctor.


Lolita coords based on the Doctor Who characters 11th Doctor, Jenny Flint and Vastra for MCM Expo Manchester. 

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5th doctor hanging out with River Song awesome lol ❤️❤️

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Now kiss!

Photo by vanille tardis (also the blue dalek <3)


me, dressed as the doctor for the 50th! geronimo!


The #female #doctor with #TheOriginalHandles! Sonic-ing some head…… Yeahhh, well…. #doctorwho #doctorwho50th #female10 #femdoctor #femaledoctor #whovian #fez #fezesarecool #fezz #fezzesarecool #flamingcog


Derp faces please.

Myself as a Rule 63 Eleventh Doctor based from the Day of the Doctor

Photo by the amazing Isabella Photography Mackay <3


The Doctor and Oswin Oswald at Gallifrey One

I don’t know what number Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is supposed to be anymore, but I threw this together right before the con. It’s my first “femme” Doctor, AND my first new Who cosplay. I didn’t have a wig, so I just put some white streaks in my hair, but you can’t see them, so let’s just pretend ALRIGHT??

(the doctor) (oswin oswald) (more)

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Just the doctor

Last minute cosplay using only things in my home. It was hard but I did it! (Somewhat lol)


My loli 5th Doctor outfit form the loli geek meet last week. It was so much fun! Can’t wait till the next one <3

Thanks to sugarnoor for the pictures

09.Aug.14 1 week ago

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The 10th Doctor breaks into the 11th Doctor’s wardrobe.

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Reminiscing my old fem!11th Doctor cosplays, the top was from Youmacon, the bottom from the Midwest Media Expo

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 - Fifth Doctor, Dalek And Tardis Cosplay (Doctor Who) Hahaha :D

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