Since NO ONE ELSE posted pics of my cosplay from Summer SacAnime 2014 imma do it myself *cries*
I know I’m a bit late but here is my fave pic with my fave doctor cosplayer I see at every con xD
#sacanime #summersacanime #sacanime2014 #10thdoctor #femdoctor #genderbend #tenthdoctor #doctorwho #cosplay #twins


Alrighty here’s my last (ok if I find a good shirt and headband to do Sarah as Alison then it’s not) costume test for NYCC! Gender bent 11!!! (With sonic!) I will wear my hair in a ponytail I think.


Our extremely #nerdy #doctorwho #cosplay #photoshoot more pics to come. We have fem!11, a weeping angel, and Amy, respectively. #thedoctor #number11 #weepingangel #amypond #fem #mattsmith #nerds #whovian


Best genderbender fanart of Doctor Who — By Carla Luz.

15.Sep.14 2 weeks ago


*sigh* I wanna go back to Comic Con.

13.Sep.14 2 weeks ago

vae’s monday musings / better late than never


hey fellas.

sorry, i’m a bit late with my monday musings, since it’s wednesday today. but whatever, here you are..

saturday wasn’t too eventful. i had to work the whole day and after that i watched the new doctor who episode, which i haven’t enjoyed much. my favourite bit was the doctor repeating clara’s name over and over again in his scottish accent. yeah, but that was about it. hope that the next episode will be better.

sunday was a lot better, as i had a photoshoot. 

it was a blast. even the drive to the studio was very funny. i love singing out loud, while sitting in the car. 

here are two random selfies that i took while getting ready for the shoot.



aaaand..i’m proud to present you the first result


yay! very eleventh doctor-ish, don’t you think?

monday, i was busy retouching photos from another shooting, that i did for the german hairdressing award. it was a lot of work and i’m very happy that i’m almost done now.

also, i finished watching all game of thrones episodes. AND I’M IN NEED OF THE NEXT SEASON. please send help immediately. i’m addicted!

so..this is my song of the week

at least, i finally got some time to continue working on my fourth doctor scarf, as all my favourite tv shows (except for doctor who) are on hiatus right now. and that’s exactly what i’m going to do now.

see ya!

03.Sep.14 3 weeks ago


Picture of the Day – 23rd July 2014

Cosplayer: Chaos Elixir Character: Eleventh Doctor Photo: Sam Dickinson Photography Makeup: Stacey D Makeup Artistry Join the…


 Second Doctor Fashion Fem ~


For my sixteenth birthday my mom surprised me with a Doctor Who party and even rocked a cosplay of the eleventh doctor.


Lolita coords based on the Doctor Who characters 11th Doctor, Jenny Flint and Vastra for MCM Expo Manchester. 

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10.Aug.14 1 month ago


5th doctor hanging out with River Song awesome lol ❤️❤️

10.Aug.14 1 month ago


Now kiss!

Photo by vanille tardis (also the blue dalek <3)


me, dressed as the doctor for the 50th! geronimo!


The #female #doctor with #TheOriginalHandles! Sonic-ing some head…… Yeahhh, well…. #doctorwho #doctorwho50th #female10 #femdoctor #femaledoctor #whovian #fez #fezesarecool #fezz #fezzesarecool #flamingcog