1. ray-rabies answered: go with the curly one
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  3. hatesprit answered: I like the one on the left
  4. eppieblack answered: Curly wig does look like you’re going for 4. Flippy is definately more 7,
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  6. darealdealhayden answered: I really like the curly one, you look more like 7 in that picture.
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  9. magiifox answered: Wig 1 was a certain flip for Seven’s hairstyle. Amazing work on the costume, BTW!
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    Amazingly cool 7th Doctor Cosplay!!!!
  11. forgottencuttlefish answered: I am leaning to the one on the left… it has a more Seven-y feel to it…
  12. sircorpse answered: Left wig! Save the right wig for a 4th doctor cosplay. ;)
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    not sure,both look great! i also know i made that umbrella! yay!!
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  16. follow-the-cheshire-cat answered: They both look really good, I would say the one on the left is better but really either would be great.
  17. solograyson answered: I LIKE THAT FLIPPY WIG!
  18. jpjones1970 said: That flippy wig isn’t too Tom Baker. Both work. Nice job.
  19. theagentofshield answered: I like the right
  20. historymaker answered: omg, great cosplay. :D (can’t give any advice on the wigs, though, because I can’t decide :P)
  21. pepperbots answered: I think both look good, but I wanted to mini-freak-out over you doing one of my favorite doctors. :3
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